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About Torizon

Torizon are a Heavy Rock/ Alternative Band based in Brisbane, Australia. Produced by Robb Torres (Robbery Inc, Trapt) and Capitol Records, their releases showcase the four-piece’s signature heavy rock sound that expertly interweaves raw and emotive melodies with heavy-hitting groove. Since releasing the groundbreaking EP “Singles Collection”, the band has grown from strength to strength with their singles “Hey You” & “Find My Way Out” gaining worldwide coverage and airplay.

With Australian and East Asia tours on the horizon and plans to record their debut album in Los Angeles, the band has a few busy months ahead of them. In the meantime, keep up to date with all things Torizon by checking out their website and following their social media accounts listed below.

Team Torizon

Vocals & Keys – Mish Sharma, Guitars – Sarah Allen, Drums – Aaron Hose, Bass – Jeremy Edwards
General Manager – Bailey Graham bailey@octane-entertainment.com
Producer – Robb Torres (Robbery Inc, LA)
Mastering – Ian Sefchick (Capitol Studios, USA)
Photography, Filming, Video Editing & Graphic Design – Sarah Allen
Bookings (Worldwide) – Hard Drive Agency



  • “The song has some serious old-school metal vibes, and for fans of bands with a strong female lead such as In This Moment and Halestorm, this one will be right up your alley. The powerful instruments seem to walk a fine line between unsettling and hauntingly beautiful, and the strong lead guitar will have you yearning for more Hysteria Mag
  • “As she sings, the musical instruments encase the lyrics, adding weight to the words and the message. You hear two different pitches to produce a prominent overtone, not unlike the push-pull of an abusive relationship. This is a dark and heavy track. No doubt about it. You feel the pain. You’re taken down a dark tunnel of sounds and emotion.But, you also feel the empowerment intended by Mish” BMAMagazine
  • “4/5 A very deliberately written and powerful song that not only has you rocking along but thinking and feeling your way through it. The song screams from a position of power, emotionally speaking from the point of a survivor, someone who has indeed found their way out” Metal-Roos
  • “An uncompromising vision, ‘The Singles Collection’ is a landmark stream of visceral rock cuts, opening with ‘Hey You’, a massive introductory anthem that fires on all cylinders, forging instant comparisons with The Pretty Reckless. It’s a huge opening release, and it’s just the beginning”by Broken8records.com
  • June 27, 2020: Exclusive Video Premiere by Heavy Mag
  • June 13, 2020: Exclusive Audio Premiere by New Noise Mags
  • June 14, 2020: Single Review by Metal Obsession

Stage Plot and Equipment

Vocals: TC Helicon MP76 & Senheiser G300 IEM’s
Keys: Roland Juno Di, Roland Sustain Pedal and Devin Townsend Effect Pedal
Guitar : Chapman ML7-T, Jackson DKAF7, VX The Kracken Pre-Amp, DV Mark 250M, Line 6 HX Stomp and Switcher, and Custom Pedal Board
Bass: Peavey Mini Mega 1000w, Bass Head, Ashdown 6×10 and Squier Contemporary Jazz Bass
Drums: Gretsch Renown 4 Piece, Gibraltar Cymbals, Zildjian K Hybrid Stands, Gilbratar Snare Stand, Yamaha Pedal

Find us on social media: Facebook and Instagram. Contact us today via Hard Drive Agency or band@torizon.com.au

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